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Ministerial Relief & Assistance

Your gift to Ministerial Relief & Assistance helps provide Ministerial Relief Pensions to a surviving spouse, Supplemental Pensions, Student Gift Pensions, or an Emergency Aid grant to a member facing an unexpected medical bill or recovery costs due to a natural disaster.

Student Gift Program

This program is designed to assist students preparing for ministry by introducing them early to the benefits of membership in the Pension Plan of the Pension Fund, which form a strong foundation of support for a member in the time of need and are in recognition of the services and commitment students make to the churches and related church organizations they serve and are preparing to serve.

Emergency Aid Grants

The purpose of the Emergency Aid Grant Program is to assist ministers of the Church with unexpected or emergency situations where compassion dictates that assistance be provided, regardless of Pension Plan membership status.

Excellence in Ministry

The Excellence in Ministry program equips our early-call pastors with tools for lifelong financial wellness. Your gift helps promising ministers begin their calling with a strong financial foundation

13th Check

Each December, we provide pensioners an additional monthly check as an income boost during the difficult winter season, so they do not have to choose between necessities such as medication or heat for their home. 

Health Care

Your gift to the Health Care fund can help to provide months of health insurance and medical expenses for ministers in need.

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