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Supplement your Medicare with secondary health plans.

Health issues can occur at any time, and with the rising cost of health care, you need a strong partner. With our partners, UMR and Express Scripts, we offer two options to supplement Medicare coverage for our Medicare-eligible members.

Enjoy peace-of-mind portability.

If you travel outside of the U.S., you’re not covered by Medicare. Our self-insured plans offer portable coverage throughout the United States and major medical coverage should you travel outside the USA.

Medicare Basic

Medicare Basic provides excellent coverage for our Medicare Part A and Part B members. After satisfying a $500 deductible, this plan pays 80% of the 20% Medicare coinsurance up to an out-of-pocket maximum of $2,500. After that maximum has been met, coverage is paid at 100% for the balance of the calendar year.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement provides coverage for Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles and coinsurance, so you’re covered at 100% of a Medicare-approved fee schedule.

Additional Option: Medicare Part D

We’ve partnered with Express Scripts to provide our members with an excellent Medicare Part D program, which may be used as an add-on option for either the Medicare Basic or Medicare Supplement program to help with prescription costs. This program gives our members coverage for all prescription needs, regardless of if the medicine is on the Medicare Preferred drug list or you happen to go into the “donut hole” of the Medicare Part D benefit schedule. The Medicare Part D coverage gap (informally known as the Medicare donut hole) is a period of consumer payment for prescription medication costs, which lies between the initial coverage limit and the catastrophic-coverage threshold, when the consumer is a member of a Medicare Part D prescription-drug program administered by the United States federal government.

Is Medicare Supplement Insurance right for me?

You may be interested in purchasing Medicare supplemental insurance if you would like additional coverage for co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles (or if you travel outside the U.S.).

Medicare Supplement Insurance FAQs

Am I eligible for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

You must already be receiving Medicare to participate in Medicare Supplement Insurance. Contact Pension Fund at 866.495.7322 for more information about eligibility requirements.

What is included in the Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Benefits available under this plan can be found in the below documents and are effective as of Jan. 1, 2019.

Health Benefit Summary Plan Description

Health Booklet

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