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Celebrating Excellence in Ministry

Financial stress is a root cause of fear and shame for pastors—especially as they attempt to guide their congregations through faithful stewardship ministries, and extensive research has shown financial stress to be a direct and significant contributor to clergy burnout. The EIM program aims to help pastors alleviate this stressor through a carefully structured experience of financial education, spiritual retreats, regular follow-up with team members from nationally renowned expert Pete the Planner®, and accountability measures via mentors and small group cohorts.

It is no overstatement to say that this program is changing the lives of pastors young in their call—making them financially fit, mentally and emotionally stronger, and capable of powerful, transformational leadership in their congregations.

Will you help us reach our goal?

Our second Lilly grant comes with the stipulation that we raise $75,000 in matching funds for the program. We’re confident that our donors and EIM supporters can help us reach this goal, thereby spreading the work of EIM with new initiatives, new partnerships across the church, and new ways of thinking of finances in the context of our shared faith.

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EIM Participant: Ciara Simonson


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