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Having trouble accessing the portal or have questions?  Try finding your answers below. If you do not see your answer, call us at 866.495.7322 or email us at

Issues with Logging In

Are you using the same email registered with Pension Fund as primary method of communication?

  • This is the same email address where you received your welcome email. If you’ve recently requested a change of your primary email address, then your new username is tied to your primary email address on file with Pension Fund. If you have questions, please contact call us at 866.495.7322.

Do you share an email with another person such as a spouse?

  • Access to the member portal is unique to the individual so persons that share an email will have to provide Pension Fund with another new unique personal email address to access the member portal. This is one of the many ways we are increasing security and protecting our members’ data from fraudulent activity.

I didn’t get a welcome email or a security code email

  • Sometimes these emails are automatically filtered by email providers; please check your spam or junk folder first before calling us.

Is your browser up to date?

  • Check to make sure your browser is up to date.  To see what version your browser is running on, click here.  If you see your browser is outdated, please try updating your browser and then re-opening the Member Portal.

Security & Passwords

What if my security code is not working?

  • Double clicking links will cause the security code to be invalid.  Instead, open a new internet browser window so you can check your email in a separate window.  Enter the security code from your email in the initial window (refer to image below).  If you continue to have issues, please call us at 866.495.7322 or watch the "How to Log In Video".



What is two-factor authentication and why is it important?

  • Two-factor authentication is a security mechanism that requires two types of credentials for authentication and is designed to provide an additional layer of validation, minimizing security breaches. Security is important to Pension Fund and with websites of all kinds being hacked daily and scammers spamming people’s inboxes with phishing attempts, this added layer of security helps protect you and your account.

Why does the link expire?

  •  Setting your welcome email and security token to expire provides additional security that helps keep your account secure.

What happens if my link has expired?

  • If the link in your welcome email expires, you can initiate a “forgot password” process. You will then receive a new security code which you will need to enter before setting up your username and password.

Other Helpful Tips

How do I open a new window or tab in my internet browser?

  • Right click on your internet icon (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer "e") and select open/new window.  Most browsers also have tabs at the top with plus (+) signs out to the side that, by clicking on them, will let you open a new window without closing the current one you are in.

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